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    You will be guided through the center of Oliveri and in few minutes you will reach the express way to Catania , which go along the coast and you can admire the hills , the fields and the typical villages of the area .
    The bus will travel the highway of Giarre until the Mount Etna , the largest volcano in Europe , up 3,300 meters ( about 10,000 feet ) .
    You will be guided through small towns like Santa Venerina and Zafferana , and among the fields on the side of the mountain you will see the vineyards , the orchards and the chestnut groves that form the vegetation of Etna
    You can admire the remains of past eruptions and the solidified lava rivers on the sides of the mountain .
    Reached 1900 meters above the sea level you will visit the extinct Silvestri’s craters and you can walk along the edge of this crater and imagine the effects of hot lava at the bottom of this giant cauldron .
    After a short break to buy souvenirs or anything else you will return to Oliveri.

    Program :
    08.00 - Departure from Oliveri
    10.45 - arrival on Mount Etna
    10.45/11.15 - Visit to the extinct Silvestri’s crater
    11.15/12.30 – Free time
    12.30 - Transfer to a local restaurant to have lunch
    14.00 - Return to Oliveri and arrival in Hotel

    Rates :
    Price € 50.00 per person ( minimum 5 people )



    The tour starts with a short walk through Oliveri’s country, after you reach the highway and then the panoramic street that goes through the foothills of the mountain passing Giarre’s town and Santa Venerina and Zafferana villages , through orchards , vineyards and woods .
    You will be guided through the remains of the past and recent eruptions, and you will see the solidified lava flows that start from the top of the mountain.
    You will come to Mount Etna and the Silvestri’s Craters - about 3.400 meters above sea level .
    The mountain is the largest active volcano in Europe, (the slopes go up to 10,811 feet above sea level) and from there you will be able to look at the Gulf of Catania from a privileged point of view. After a short free time you will depart to Taormina, one of the most charming medieval towns in the Mediterranean.
    The buildings in the city center are unchanged, they keep their picturesque character with overflowing planters and brightly colored flowers. When you arrive it will start the walking tour from the Cathedral to the famous Palazzo Corvaia (view from the outside) dating XVth century, which deserves some pictures. This building represents the architectural style of that period and it is adorned by the classic double windows.
    You will continue to visite the big Greek Theatre, it was built in the Vth century b.C. and it is a extraordinary monument located in a spectacular location that still keeps its excellent acoustics. The theater is used during the summer for shows and events.
    Before leaving the city, you will enjoy some free time on Corso Umberto, the main street with shops and cafes. Just at the end of this way there are a lot of alleys and "babystreet".
    After the tour you will meet the guide to return to the hotel.

    08.15 - Meeting the guide at the hotel to catch the bus.
    08.30 - Departure to Mount Etna .
    10.45/11.15 - Arrival on Mount Etna to visit Silvestri’s craters .
    11.15/11.45 – Free time.
    11.45 - Departure to Taormina .
    13.00 - Arrival in Taormina .
    13.00/14.30 - Lunch .
    14.30/16.00 - Visit the city and the Greek Theatre .
    16.00/17.00 – Free time.
    17:15 - Departure to Taormina and return to Oliveri .
    18:30 - Arrival in Oliveri .

    Rates :
    Price € 75.00 per person ( minimum 5 people )


    The tour begins with a meeting in the hotel with guide and the boarding in a comfortable bus with air conditioning. After a short ride through the center of Oliveri and a panoramic tour along the coast of eastern Sicily, it will follow a scenic journey in Castelmola, a small village castled on the cliff overlooking the near area. After, the bus will stop in the main square of Castelmola allowing you to taste the almonds wine and to enjoy the magnificent views. The tour continues by bus to Taormina that is located on a terrace overlooking the sea. In Taormina, you will feel the magic atmosphere everywhere, that has enchanted all people who return to visit year after year. Famous in all the world it is considered one of the most beautiful places in Sicily. Left the bus again you will enjoy your walking tour with the guide that will show you the highlights of this beautiful area and you will visit the Greek Theatre, with its remains and the Etna as background. During the walking tour, there are short stops in Piazza Duomo, in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II for a visite of the Palace Corvaia and the Odeon from the outside. Afterwards, visit to the Cathedral and a walk in Corso Umberto, the most elegant street of the city. After completion of the tour you will enjoy an hour to tour Taormina alone or to go shopping. Finally the guide will meet again and can walk to the local restaurant to enjoy a typical lunch Sicilian. After lunch, return to the bus and return to the hotel Program: 08.00 - Departure from Oliveri. 09:45 - Arriving by bus to Castelmola. 09:45/10:45 - Short walk to Castelmola and wine tasting of almonds . 10:40 - Back on the bus and heading to Taormina . 11:05 - Arrival in Taormina . 11 : 05/11.45 - Walking along the main street with a short stop to the Cathedral . 11:45/12:15 - Visit to the Greek Theatre . 12.15 / 13.15 - Free time for shopping . 13:15/13.30 - reunification with the guidance for lunch . 13.30/15.00 - Lunch at a local restaurant . 15:00 - Back to the parking lot . 15.15 - Departure from Taormina . 16.30 - Arrival at the hotel in Oliveri . Rates: Price € 80.00 per person ( minimum 5 participants)


    Arrived in Palermo, you meet the local guide and you will be guided from the center of Palermo to the parking next to the Cathedral.
    From there you will walk to reach the cathedral, a huge building dedicated to the Virgin Mary, built in the second half of twelfth century and rebuilt several during the years. Inside, the guests can visit the chapels where Frederick II and Roger II are buried.
    From the Cathedral you will go to Royal Palace, where you can visit the Palatine Chapel dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Paul, the most beautiful and harmonious example of Norman art. It was built from 1132 to 1140 and it is a splendid combination of architecture and mosaic work.
    After you will have lunch at a local restaurant and when you finish, you will reach Monreale by bus and there you can visit the Cathedral that is considered one of the finest examples of Norman architecture in Sicily, and the adjoining cloister, which form the Benedictine Monastery.
    After the guided tour you will have some free time.
    At the end you will catch the bus and you will return to Oliveri.

    08.00 – Departure from Oliveri.
    10.30 – Arrrival in Palermo’s Cathedral
    10.45 – Walk to Palatine Chapel and Royal Palace
    12.45 – Come back to the bus and go to the local restaurant.
    13.00/14.15 –Lunch.
    14.30 – Departure to Monreale.
    15.10 – Arrival in Monreale.
    15.20/16.20 –Visit the Cathedral.
    16.20/16.40 – Free time.
    16.40 –Come back to the bus.
    16.55 –Return to Oliveri.
    20.00 –Come back to the hotel.

    Price per person € 100.00 (minimum 5 participants)





    from 30/03/18 to 02/04/18




    from 16/02/18 to 08/07/18



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